Fujiwara Ryokan Zip.850-0054 Addr.6-12 Uwam-achi Nagasaki-city

* On foot
JCross the overpass from JR Nagasaki Station, cross the overpass to the train station, come to the direction of Sakuramachi Denwa Station, turn right at the electric shop, turn up a little and a liquor store at the corner, 50 meters further, the hotel There is.

* In case of car
JWhen coming by car from the highway Take the Nagasaki road "Nagasaki Tsuzuka IC" and get off the national highway 34 toward Nagasaki, enter the city and turn right at the intersection next to the Sakuramachi elementary school just in front of the city hall From the front entrance of the Nagasaki Museum of History and Culture, turn left on the one way street and you will find the hotel on the left side about 200 meters. Nagasaki is one way to many roads, so is the main road of the hotel, if you are coming by car please come and visit "Nagasaki Museum of History and Culture" as a guide.