Welcome to Fujiwara Ryokan

It is a Japanese style inn that has become very few from this modern society, and the room is a private inn with a quiet room where the windows blow through if the window has a big window in the big window. If you would like to take a break in a tatami room unusually in the middle of the city, please come.
European, Australian, Canadian, American, Asian nationals have come to see a wonderful place in Japan.
It is an old-fashioned Japanese inn in Japan, okami san is not there to keep cheap inn.
And bantou san has nakai san neither. Okami san does not come to greet the room. nakai san does not come to your futon set.
Futon, yukata and amenities are all in the room. It is troublesome to set a futon and private bathing hot water, please do it yourself.
In a hot summer, please enjoy hot Japanese tea in a room with air conditioning. In the cold winter, please boil this hot Japanese tea in a heated room too. And relax and relax your travel packages.
Please acknowledge that we are asking for your cooperation for cost reduction
Hot summer is a room with air conditioning, please serve hot Japanese tea. In cold winter, please also have hot Japanese tea in a heated room. And leave your luggage and relax yourself.
Please acknowledge that we are asking for your cooperation for cost reduction.
The hotel is not a dormitory room, each room is independent so we do not need anything else in the other room, we will offer a place to relax with friends, family, couples.

    What's New

  • 2020/07/16
    Cancellation fee/unnecessary......No cancellation fee will be charged in case of unexpected situation. However, only when contacted in advance.

    Fujiwara Ryokan in Nagasaki where you can fully enjoy Nagasaki
    It is a traditional tatami room in Japan. We take pride in providing cheap, clean, and comfortable rooms by making each room independent of privacy.
    This is the best facility to stay at this price. Please come once.

    HP renewal was done. In the future, thank you.